Update 12/07/21

Today’s post will be short because we have had a lovely visit from Younger Son over the weekend. It has been so nice to see him again and I am feeling quite overwhelmed now he has returned to Wales. In addition, Elder Son has gone away for a short holiday today, so Lovely Husband and I will be on our own for a few days.

Now, what kind of mischief can we get up to!

I do hope that you enjoyed the reveal of my new Hermès scarf, Lazy Leopardesses, in last Friday’s post. I am going to try to take some modelling photos during the week, in preparation for the full Scarf of the Moment post. Perhaps I will have that ready for this Friday, perhaps not!

In the meantime, here is another photo of the scarf…

Lazy Leopardesses by Hermès

Love and best wishes,



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