Update 29/03/21 with Olympian Gods X 2!!

I had planned to write this post a couple of weeks ago, but had to postpone because of illness. Anyway, you may remember this scarf from this post on 08/03/21:

Olympian Gods scarf by Fetolia on Wolf and Badger

It really fits with my interest in Ancient Greece and the colours are lovely. I was also pleased to find Fetolia’s own website with these descriptions of the scarf – just like Hermès!

“The Greek pantheon is displayed on this unique design surrounding by 4 important symbols in ancient Greece. Back then, people had the need to believe in something greater than themselves. So they started to hold and share all the values that could be found in a human –good or bad– and finally relayed them into different Gods. The basic Olympian Gods were 12, and each one of them symbolized a different idea and personality. Despite of their god spirit, they also had habits and passions like humans, that allowed to mortal people to create an extra bond of sympathy with them.”

”Four of the most historic symbols in ancient Greece are spread on the 4 corners of this design. Firstly, on the top left corner, Conrucopia or “The Horn of Plenty” was a symbol of abundance and nourishment -also known for containing Ambrosia and Nectar. On the top right the ancient Helmet, representing the strength and power of a man. Usually, Greeks wore plumes on helmets as a way to identify themselves and the same time to cause a distraction to enemy soldiers. On the bottom left, the ancient Chalice used from the Greeks to make their toasts to the Gods. They were organizing “symposiums” and large festivals for honoring Gods and they always had to drink and thank them for giving to mortal humans, such a richness to enjoy life. Last but not least the Lyre at the bottom right, representing all the good values reflected from music, harmony, joy and culture. Music was a necessity and the term covered not only “music” but also dance, lyrics, the performance of poetry and Greek drama.”


Anyway, I went on to do something unprecedented for me – I bought the other colourway! Here are the photos from the Wolf and Badger website:

Doesn’t this look great in a frame?

Here are my photos of the actual scarf in the slideshow format:

I think the colours in this version are really beautiful: greys, gold, yellow and cream. Definitely, the inspiration to purchase the scarf was this image on The Vivienne Files website (where I first saw the scarf). I realised that I already own most of the elements in the image and so could recreate the whole look, if I wished to do this.

And here is my version of the outfit:

My version of the above – I have a grey t-shirt too!

Anyway, although I believe that both versions of the scarf are more suitable for the Autumn than the Spring, I may actually put this grey toned outfit together this coming week to show you how it looks.

I have worn each scarf once so far and these photos show you how they tie in a cowboy cowl knot:

Olympian Gods by Fetolia – both colourways

If you would like to see the scarves modelled professionally here they are (photos are from the Fetolia website):

So, I hope you have enjoyed this walk through my two newest scarf purchases. I just have one thing to add. After I uploaded the first post about the teal colourway on 08/03/21, Fetolia commented on the blog. I don’t think they will mind if I post it here:

Dear Mrs Anna, i am very happy to e-meet you here. It is of a great pleasure of me to see your comments and thank you for your very kind words. Please be so very kind to send me also the photos that you will post on your blog and to allow me to post them myself too. Also i am glad to inform you that we are preparing a new scarf, in relation to Greek tradition, and it is expected to be a gorgeous fit especially to the people who love the Greek history. As you may know this year 2021 we are celebrating 200 years free and independent as a nation, and for this reason we are preparing a collective unique scarf!
I would highly appreciate it if you allowed me to keep in contact with you.
Wishing you a great day.

Best Regards
Jenny from Fetolia Silk Scarves team.

I hope they are happy with this post too!

Love and best wishes,



PS. I have contacted The Vivienne Files for permission to use the image above but have not yet received a reply. If permission is refused, I will, of course, remove the image immediately.

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4 Responses to Update 29/03/21 with Olympian Gods X 2!!

  1. fetoliasilkscarves says:

    dear mrs anna, we are very excited with your photos and your love to this wonderful scarf.
    wishing you a lovely day.

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