Outfits of the week 10/09/21

I haven’t used the title “Outfits of the Week” for ages! We have had hot, sticky weather this week and this has really taken its toll on my health. Most days, I have stayed in bed with heat exhaustion, despite the fan next to me. On Wednesday, however, I managed to put on a nice outfit, which gave Lovely Husband quite a surprise!

You may remember this “dress” that I bought earlier in the year…

Marigold block print cotton nightdress in cerulean blue – Toast

Well, yes, it is a nightdress but I have decided to wear it during the day instead! This collage shows how…

Outfit of the day 08/09/21 with Toast nightdress

I think that all of these blues are wonderful! The bracelet is by Halcyon Days and the earrings were from a boutique that has sadly closed down. My navy or tan sandals would have worked well with this ensemble.

Once the weather cools down again, I must put together more outfits. Well, I will try!

Happy Weekend to you all.

Love and best wishes,



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