Update 13/12/21

I do hope that all of my visitors/readers/friends had a very pleasant weekend and that, if you celebrate Christmas, your preparations are going well. Most of the gifts that I have ordered for the family have now arrived and I am only waiting for a couple now.

There has been a small issue niggling at me with reference to one retailer, who I am not going to name. We usually give our “boys” money at this time of year, but in addition I always buy them some t-shirts and sweatshirts so that they have something to open. Anyway, I was amazed when the very large retailer emailed to say that all six items would not be arriving as one parcel, but as – not two, or three – SIX separate parcels! Can you believe this? What a waste of fuel, time and packaging!

I know that the whole online purchasing business is not very “green”, but I have to do my shopping this way as I cannot travel any more.

At the same time as all of the planning, shopping and card writing, we have been struggling with Elder Son’s autism issues again. I won’t go into any details, but it has been such an emotional struggle again. He always finds the run up to Christmas hard, but now he is trying (and not really succeeding) to cope with worries about COVID-19 variants, my health, his Dad’s health, his future, his job and now OCD. This is becoming almost unbearable for LH and I to cope with and we are very concerned about the future.

Right, I now need to try to focus on something else for a while. Perhaps a good book, a pot of tea and a nibble will help? I will leave you with this image (well, I think it’s a funny visual pun!).

Love and best wishes!



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