Update 14/02/22 with a return!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! I hope that you received suitable cards and gifts. After all these years together, Lovely Husband gets out several cards from past years and displays them in a row for me to see. I wish we could go out together for dinner, liked we used to, but I am simply not well enough and don’t feel safe outside the house. Never mind! I am sure that he will cook something nice tonight.

I like how Facebook shows your posts from years ago. One of mine today reminded me of a gorgeous green lace dress that I wore to a Valentine’s dinner seven years ago. I loved that dress but don’t think I would fit into it now!

Emerald lace dress - Planet
Emerald lace dress – Planet

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Also today, Elder Son has gone away on a trip for a few days. It was his birthday yesterday and he always likes to travel somewhere as a treat for himself at this time of year. I shall keep in touch with him and make sure that his holiday goes well.

Love and best wishes,



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2 Responses to Update 14/02/22 with a return!

  1. Cynthia says:

    Beautiful dress, Anne! Happy belated Valentine’s Day to you. How lovely and thoughtful of your dear husband to display Valentine’s Day cards from years past. Both my husband and I save all of our cards as well, but what a clever idea to bring them out every year. ❤


    • The Librain says:

      Dear Cynthia, I hope that you and your husband had a lovely Valentine’s Day. Perhaps I will be able to wear the green dress again one day! Best wishes, Anne x


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