Update 30/05/22 – with a serendipitous surprise!

Hello and welcome to a new week on the blog! I spend most of my time in bed these days and amuse myself (in addition to reading ebooks, writing blog posts, following Twitter and watching TV) by wandering around the web. I find all kinds of stuff and end up going off at tangents tracking things that interest me.

I follow a range of accounts on Twitter, although I rarely post these days and try to stay anonymous. Some of the accounts are about archaeological finds, others show art, and I have come across a few which specialise in vintage costumes. This gorgeous dress caught my eye a few weeks ago. Of course it did – look at the colours!

I had the pictures from Twitter but knew nothing about them, so I did a reverse image search on Google and found out some incredible background information. The woman who designed the dress, Lucy Christiana, Lady Duff-Gordon, was a survivor of the Titanic disaster. Not only that, but she narrowly escaped sailing on the Lusitania’s final voyage!

Anyway, if any of you are interested in this remarkable woman, here is the Wikipedia article and more information from the Encyclopedia Titanica. She is well worth some follow up reading!

Now, back to my book. Reading Roundup on Wednesday as usual!

Love and best wishes,



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