Update 06/06/22 with some Summer frivolity

Welcome to a new week on the blog! I hope that you enjoyed the weekend of Jubilee frolics, if you are into that kind of thing. In the end, I read and watched a few bits and pieces and it all looked like fun, although rather too expensive in the current climate.

Anyway, talking of expenditure, I get my “allowance” at the beginning of the month and I had a bit of a spree on the Marks and Spencer website. Most of the items were staples – underwear and nightwear – but I did order two dresses. They haven’t arrived yet, so I will just show you the website images and post about them again on Friday, when I can model them. Mind you, that’s only if they look OK!

Here are the two dresses…

For some reason, the M & S website cuts off the bottom of images. These dresses are both cotton jersey and midi length. To be honest, I am such an awful shape these days that nothing will really fit. I am just hoping that these two items will be comfortable in warm weather and will not look too dreadful. Despite this, I don’t wish to fade into the background and the bright pink dress will at least ensure that doesn’t happen!

Now back to my book…

Love and best wishes,



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