Outfits of the week 24/06/22

Happy Friday! Welcome to the final post of the week.

Hot weather really knocks me out and I have spent most of the week in bed with a large fan moving the air around. It’s very noisy and only slightly effective. On the couple of times that I managed to get dressed, I wore the recently purchased blue and white dress from Marks and Spencer. It is very comfortable and skims over my lumps and bumps. Here is a reminder…

Dress by Marks and Spencer

The dress looked nice with this “teatime” jewellery from Pixie Wing

High Tea necklace by Pixie Wing
High Tea earrings by Pixie Wing

If you hasten over to the Pixie Wing site, they have similar versions of this necklace and earrings in their sale in silver with both blue and green colourways!

I have always loved earrings in a huge range of styles, so when I saw a very famous person wearing some gorgeous and very affordable ones this week, I had to investigate further. I will tell you more next week…

Yes, you will have to wait!

Happy Weekend to you all…

Love and best wishes,



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