Reading roundup 06/07/22

This is going to be a very short post today. I have been going through various medical procedures and am feeling rather upset and traumatised.  Because of all this, I have been unable to concentrate on my reading and I am definitely incapable of writing one of my Reading Roundup posts as they take quite a lot of time to construct on the WordPress platform.

So, I apologise for not writing a proper post today, but I hope that all will be fine by next week.

Love and best wishes,



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  1. Gwen Minor says:

    hello anne,
    i just discovered your wonderful website! i purchased 4 hermes scarves last night and while researching them this afternoon, i stumbled upon your blog! i feel that we are kindred spirits in so many ways! i worked in bookstores to put myself through school and thought long and hard about becoming a librarian, settling on get a degree in english literature and my teaching credential instead. i love ancient history and archaeology and wrote a book about the iliad, the odyssey, and the aeneid for scholastic. i visit england every couple of years and was lucky enough to go on a roman fort dig at barnard castle a few years ago. in addition to the fact that they are magnificent works of art, i was attracted to hermes by the ancient world themes. i was thrilled to learn from your blog about the minos scarf! i will be looking for it now!

    i hope you will enjoy my website. i am on summer vacation and one of my goals is to hire someone to fix all the things that have gone wrong with it! links are broken, photos have disappeared. images have migrated!

    i am sorry you are not feeling well! thank you for taking photos of your outfits: your joy makes me smile and feel like i can go on, myself. these past few years have been extremely difficult for everyone and as we try to get back to “normal” it is so helpful to see the happiness in your lovely face. be strong! and continue to enjoy every minute you can!

    gwen minor


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