Outfits of the week 02/09/22

Here we are at Friday once again and also the first post of a new month. I was pleased and surprised that the statistics for August were the second best ever! It is so lovely that this little blog is reaching so many people around the world. Thank you all for visiting đź’•đź’—đź’–đź’—đź’•.

You might remember that we took some items to be framed into town last week. Well, we went to pick them up yesterday and so I had to actually get dressed properly. The two items are birthday presents for Lovely Husband’s 70th birthday in a fortnight and I will show them to you after he has seen them. I was really pleased with the final result – the framer did a wonderful job.

This is my full outfit:

Outfit of the day 01/09/22

Outfit details:

  • Cobalt blue sleeveless dress – Toast. Well, this is actually their Marigold Block Print Cotton Nightie that I bought last year and decided to wear as a dress!
  • Silver butterfly earrings – Sainsburys. This is a similar image. Gift from Elder Son.
  • Silver bell and bow pendant necklace. Bought for me by LH on our honeymoon.
  • Blue and white beaded bracelet. Gift from my sister.
  • Navy leather sandals – Suave.
  • Navy metallic Africa leather midi-Selene handbag – Massaccesi.

This is a larger image of the dress/nightie:

Marigold Block Print Cotton Nightie by Toast

The pattern on the dress is in a golden beige, darker than in the photos above. There are pockets and side slits that make it very comfortable to wear.

OK, I think that is all for now…

Happy Weekend to you all!

Love and best wishes,



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