Mourning 09/09/22 – updated 12/09/22

Mourning by Kat on Flickr

Updated Monday 12/09/22: I have decided to take a few days away from the blog for various reasons (LH’s 70th birthday, YS visiting, ES returning from his holiday) and also because I am feeling totally overwhelmed at the moment. So, I hope to return on Wednesday 21/09/22 with a Reading Roundup post.

Love and best wishes,



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Mourning (The weeping angel on Franz Bendel’s tombstone), by Kat on Flickr

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2 Responses to Mourning 09/09/22 – updated 12/09/22

  1. Catherine says:

    Hi Anne,
    Thoughts on the death of the Queen are personal and I know for some, conflicted. I happen to be reading the Tina Brown book “The Palace Papers” right now and a few days before her death, I was reading a chapter about a message the Queen sent to be read at a 9/11 memorial service and the last line really stuck with me. It read “grief is the price we pay for love.”
    While I was required to pledge allegiance to the Queen in November 2021 to become Canadian, I did it with admiration for a wise leader and for myself, a role model. She had an inner resolve that was amazing to witness. Not every decision she made was one I agreed with, but she stayed true to her course.
    I’m not sure what will happen to the institution, but an era has come to an end and for that, I grieve.


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