Reading roundup 07/12/22

So… we have arrived in December already! Time is really speeding up for me these days. Perhaps that is because I read so much Fantasy and Science Fiction!!!

Yet again, I have only managed one book this week. I think that N K Jemisin’s books need a lot of concentration and careful reading. They are impossible to skip through…

The Broken Kingdoms by N K Jemisin

This week’s book was the second part of N K Jemisin’s The Inheritance Trilogy: The Broken Kingdoms.   Here is the blurb:

“A man with no memory of his past and a struggling, blind street artist will face off against the will of the gods as the secrets of this stranger’s past are revealed in the sequel to The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, the debut novel of NYTbestselling author N. K. Jemisin.

In the city of Shadow, beneath the World Tree, alleyways shimmer with magic and godlings live hidden among mortalkind. Oree Shoth, a blind artist, takes in a strange homeless man on an impulse. This act of kindness engulfs Oree in a nightmarish conspiracy. Someone, somehow, is murdering godlings, leaving their desecrated bodies all over the city. And Oree’s guest is at the heart of it. . .”

This really was an excellent read and well worth the full five stars on Goodreads. This was my review:

The Broken Kingdoms (The Inheritance Trilogy, #2)The Broken Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think that I enjoyed this second book in the series even more than the first one. The main character was really interesting and well-drawn and I must admit that I am hoping she is the heroine of the third book. Judging by the series so far, I expect that she won’t be. I certainly enjoy Jemisin’s fantasy writing and, yet again, her imagination is stunning.

I was going to have a change of pace and read something else next, but I simply can’t wait to see how this story turns out! On to the final book >>>>>>>>>

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So, that is exactly what I have done! I am now about a third of the way through book three, The Kingdom of the Gods, and I will write about it next week. As my reviews of the first two books have been very short, I will try to be more expansive.

That’s all for now – Happy Reading to you all.

Love and best wishes,



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