Monday post 09/01/23: with a beautiful reveal!

Welcome to the first post of a new week. I have something lovely for you today. You may remember that I bought one scarf from the Hermès Autumn/Winter 2022 season, at the beginning: Sous Le Charme d’Orphée, designed by Alice Shirley. To be honest, I really didn’t like anything else at all. But then one design started to work its way into my consciousness…

OK, I succumbed at the very end of the season, just before January’s huge price increase, and here is the reveal:

Isn’t this gorgeous? And this was the special scarf box for the Christmas market. Below is the image from the Hermès website and then a very quick modelling photo (I hadn’t even removed the label!):

Robe Légère by Théo de Gueltzl for Hermès
Robe Légère by Hermès in an asymmetric wrap

The scarf is called Robe Légère, in 90cm silk twill, designed by Théo de Gueltzl for Hermès. The colourway is Rose Hortensia/Bleu/Vert and the shopping code is H003904S 05. I will try to take some proper modelling photos as soon as I am able. Then I will post a couple on tPF and on here, and also compile a Scarf of the Moment post.

Now, about the price increase. Please bear in mind that I am only writing about H scarves and shawls. I have no knowledge of the company’s policies for other items, such as handbags or jewellery, etc.

Every year, at some time in January, Hermès adjusts their prices. Some years, many of the new Spring/Summer designs become available in the UK just before the increase and I have been able to purchase my early choices at the old price. The adjustment is made across all of the scarves in stock online, whether or not they are the most recent or older designs. Very rarely the price actually drops!

Anyway, something “spoke” to me on the 30th of December and I decided to order the scarf I had been thinking about for a few weeks. It’s just as well because the price increase arrived on January 1st and was huge! Hermès is already really expensive and I can only afford to buy scarves because I don’t have many other calls on my “pocket” money. I can’t socialise with friends or go to the cinema, for example, or take yoga classes or go to the gym, as I used to. Instead, I invest in these beautiful, wearable, works of art that lift my spirits.

So, this year I will be working my way through my gorgeous collection of Hermès, Ferragamo, Liberty of London, Fetolia and other scarves – “shopping my wardrobe”, as they say. In fact, today I am wearing an incredibly cheap and cheerful scarf and it looks lovely! I will show it to you in Friday’s post.

I do hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Love and best wishes,



P.S. Just a reminder that you can find more information about the amazing Sous Le Charme d’Orphée double-face scarf in the Scarf of the Moment profile.

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