Monday post 30/01/23: it’s good to be back!

Welcome back everyone! This last week has flown by and I am now ready to resume the usual blogging schedule. The visit from Younger Son was very productive as well as generally lovely. All three of my “chaps” worked very hard to clear out accumulated clutter from the shed, house and garage. Unfortunately, the skip wasn’t quite big enough, so we will have to repeat the process later in the year. Still, it has been very good for us to clear away so much.

I wasn’t able to help to the extent I would have liked. Mind you, it was probably for the best! I find it so difficult to throw anything away. I get particularly sentimental about items from when my sons were children or from happier days when Lovely Husband and I were fitter and stronger. Strangely enough, I was pleased when several people asked to take things from the skip. At least those items will be used. It just means that the things that remain are truly unwanted and really rubbish!

Now, I will cheer myself up with a lovely image:

Screenshot of post by Archaeology and Art from Facebook – accessed 14/01/23

That carving is utterly amazing, isn’t it?

Back again on Wednesday for this week’s Reading Roundup post.

Love and best wishes,



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