Monday post 27/03/23: with an unexpected reveal!

Hello to you all and welcome to a new week on The Librain…… retired!

Regular readers may remember that I made quite a strong declaration at the beginning of the year. The gist of it was that, because the Hermès annual price increase had been so “huge”, I was not going to purchase any new scarves this year and would, instead, “shop my wardrobe”.

Oh dear…

OK, I have to admit that this resolution didn’t last very long. I made the mistake of following the Purse Forum’s thread on the Spring/Summer 2023 scarves and shawls and fell for one design. I simply couldn’t get it out of my mind!

So, here it is…

First we have the orange box with the ribbon for 2023:

Next, the first peek inside – ooh, those tulips! The colours! The details…

Then, I lifted the scarf out of the box and unfolded it a little:

Now, the other way – this gets better and better:

Here is a quick photo of the whole scarf, then a detail, followed by the image from the Hermès website. 

This breathtaking scarf was designed by Aline Honoré for Hermès. The scarf is silk twill, 90x90cms, and the colourway is Argent/Violet/Bleu. The shopping code is H003964S 02.

The real life colours of this scarf are stunning and beautiful against the light silver background. I chose this colourway because the blue and purple shades will look lovely with my navy, blue, purple and grey clothing and accessories. I will take some modelling shots and write a full Scarf of the Moment post with all of the colourways, but I desperately need to do something first…

Get my hair cut!!!!

I hope you love the scarf as much as I do 😍😍😍.

Love and best wishes,



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