Outfit of the day 03/02/17

I will admit from the start that I am cheating a little bit. This is the outfit I would have worn today, if we had gone out. For once, I was feeling just about well enough for a pot of tea and a library visit, but Lovely Husband was too tired and had to have a rest this afternoon. He is quite seriously disabled and had to retire very early from work. I am so lucky to have him as he tries so hard to look after me, despite his own problems. We have been together for almost thirty years and he has always been such a wonderful role model to our lads as he cooks, shops and does loads of housework as well as supporting us all.

I hope our sons make good husbands or partners – they will do if they follow his example! Of course, we are all human and are under a great deal of stress as a family which means that our life is far from perfect. Thank goodness for social media and my friends who support me via Facebook and other such services!

Phew, enough of the personal stuff. The outfit today was based on this pretty Ferragamo scarf. It is a silk twill 90cm in shades of brown and beige with pops of purple, violet, green, orange and pink. I love the leopard and the gorgeous flowers and foliage. It was the first Ferragamo scarf that I bought.

  • Brown silk scarf by Ferragamo.
  • Horn shawl ring by MaiTai.
  • Camel cashmere jumper by Marks and Spencer (this image does not quite show the correct colour).
  • Brown suede jacket by Wallis.
  • Navy jeans by Klass (I definitely need some brown trousers, perhaps chocolate cords?).
  • Gold knot earrings.
  • Tan leather ankle boots by Ted and Muffy.
  • Caramel leather handbag by Peony and Moore (no longer trading).
Outfit of the day 03/02/17 with Ferragamo scarf

Outfit of the day 03/02/17 with Ferragamo scarf

If I do manage to go out over the weekend, I will wear this outfit – promise!

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2 Responses to Outfit of the day 03/02/17

  1. Blighty says:

    Wonderful outfit. What about Gap online for chocolate brown cords?? I got some from there a while ago. I am sorry to hear you are going through a rough patch, I do feel for you, it is wretched that you are so unwell. I do hope you feel better soon xx


    • The Librain says:

      Oh, that is a good idea. I had forgotten Gap. We have one quite near here that I might be able to visit if I have a good day. Although those are very few at the moment. This illness seems to be permanent and slowly getting worse, sadly. Lovely to “see” you on here again xx


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