Wardrobe planning #10 : More ideas

I thought that I might take a small pause in this Wardrobe Planning series and find out what other bloggers have to offer on this issue, particularly for older women. I have discovered some very interesting and useful posts and have listed them here for readers to explore. If any of you know any really good writing on this subject, please let me know and I will add it to the list.

I am going to start with my favourite style and fashion blog:

The Vivienne Files
Two posts by the lovely Janice to help you assess your existing wardrobe and remove items that are no longer needed. This wardrobe weeding really appeals to the Librarian in me! Do explore the rest of her site as it is crammed full with amazing ideas. She has also posted today on this topic – how topical! Ouch!

How to Clean Out Your Closet – the Color Method
how to clean your closet with the color method

Cleaning Out Your Closet – Version 2: The Functional Method
how to clean your closet with the functional method

The Chic Fashionista
Outfit Ideas: The Basics – How to Plan Your Wardrobe with
Organizing Ideas & A Shopping Plan

The Closet Historian
Wardrobe Planning: Sewing, Shopping & Strategy
With lovely pictures of vintage sewing patterns!

Dr T Designs
Thinking About a Capsule Wardrobe (Wardrobe Planning Post #6)
Part of a series of personal posts on wardrobe planning – useful ideas.

Less is More: The Art of Tidying Up
Clothes – wardrobe planning to avoid clothes clutter

Style Makeover HQ
6 Steps to Savvy Style
A series of pages dedicated to changing your image, including wardrobe planning.

Marie Kondo
I have mentioned Marie Kondo in a previous Wardrobe Planning post. Her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, covers de-cluttering and organising an entire house and I have found many aspects of it very useful. I have used an adapted form of her folding methods to sort out my clothes drawers and this has been very successful for me. Here are some videos to give you ideas:

How I love this young woman’s hair colour! 💜💜💜

I hope you have found today’s post both interesting and useful.

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