Update 14/03/17

I cannot update properly today as things are pretty bad in our household. We are a family under severe stress with next to no support. My lovely friends do their best via social media, but I don’t have anyone who can actually give me face-to-face help. My lads have their own friends, I am glad to say, and I hope they get what they need. LH and I are both struggling desperately with our physical and mental health and sometimes that means that we cannot support each other as well as usual.

Anyway, I have caught up with several episodes of Homeland and have also read quite a lot of my newest book: David Hewson’s “The House of Dolls”. Very gripping so far and it is helping to take my mind away from my troubles. I hope that normal service can be resumed tomorrow with a proper Outfit of the Day update!

The House of Dolls by David Hewson

The House of Dolls by David Hewson


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