Outfit of the day 15/03/17

I am pleased to be able to write that things seems to have calmed down for now, although I am crossing fingers, toes and probably eyes in the hope that they stay that way. It has been a beautiful day today, warm and sunny, and we did go out and have a good time together, with apologies and kind words.

As we are definitely into spring, I am at the point of the great cashmere washing  and putting away palaver. I get all of my cashmere jumpers and cardigans, go through them to assess moth holes, and so on, then wash them carefully and store them on hangers in clothes bags. I may still wear some of the brighter colours which are not too heavy weight, but I usually change over to my cotton and cotton mix items.

Today, I wore a lovely cobalt cotton cable (nice alliteration) sweater with a 90cm silk scarf from Hermès: De la Mer au Ciel – From the Sea to the Sky. The colours are shades of blue with white, green, mauve and orange. The rolled hem is white and the pattern is a bit Escher-like with a spiral of fish metamorphosing into flying fish, then into birds and then back into fish. It is gorgeous!

  • Cobalt cotton cable sweater – Lands’ End.
  • Navy cotton jersey joggers – Cotton Traders. Changed into jeans when we went out.
  • White, yellow, and rose gold, with crystal, earrings – have owned these for ages.
  • White enamel and gold bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • Cobalt enamel and gold bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • Blue Africa leather handbag – midi-zip Selene – Massaccesi.
  • Blue, green and mauve silk scarf – De la Mer au Ciel – Hermès.
Outfit of the day 15/03/17 with Hermès' De la Mer au Ciel

Outfit of the day 15/03/17 with Hermès’ De la Mer au Ciel

I started writing this post as soon as we got home at around 16.30. After about twenty minutes, I had one of my huge coughing attacks, which was as horrible as usual. I am now mostly over it, but I will leave this post as it is now and try to recover. I hope that I can write more tomorrow! Best wishes to you all x

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