Outfit of the day 04/04/17 and Whoooop!

My new iPad has arrived! Whoop! So I am going to have lots of fun this evening playing with it and setting it up how I like. This afternoon, I have been using Dropbox to make sure that all my photos are saved in the cloud and then uploaded to both my laptop, my old iPad and my new one. I took the opportunity to sort them all out and delete loads of me pulling a variety of weird faces whilst wearing gorgeous scarves. My Mum used to tell me that my face would be frozen in a particular pose if the wind changed direction. Let me say now that it is just as well that comment is not true! Phew!

We didn’t go out as I was waiting in for the parcel to arrive. I did, however, wear a nice outfit today, just in case:

  • Silk scarf – Zebra Pegasus gavroche in a simple cowboy knot – Hermès.
  • Bright teal, cotton mix, cardigan – Lands’ End.
  • Bright teal, cotton mix, matching short sleeved top – Lands’ End.
  • Indigo jeans – Cotton Traders.
  • London Blue topaz, stud earrings – Blue Nile.
  • Blue Indien leather and pale gold bracelet – Ferragamo. This blue exactly matches the bright blue in the scarf.

The photo of me modelling the scarf looks far more blue than it should. The cardigan and top are a few shades darker than the background teal shade in the scarf, so they go very well together. The gavroche size is 45 x 45 cm and looks very neat around the neck. It is ideal if you are going out for a meal as it doesn’t get in the way! Can you see that I was hoping to go out for our belated anniversary meal? Perhaps tomorrow…

Outfit of the day 04/04/17 with Hermès' Zebra Pegasus gavroche

Outfit of the day 04/04/17 with Hermès’ Zebra Pegasus gavroche

Last week and this one, so far, the household has been Cough Central. Not because of me, for once. Sadly, my two lads have both had a really nasty virus and they have been hacking away all day and most of the night, poor things. A couple of nights ago, I forgot that they are now grown up and “Mummy Instincts” kicked in! I was fast asleep when Elder Son started coughing so loudly that he woke me up. I jumped out of bed and was in his room stroking his back, giving him water and generally sorting him out, when I pulled myself up – he is 27! The next day, both lads were giggling at the thought of “Mummy Instincts” – mind you, I think they were rather pleased that they are still there in a crisis.

Hoping that the dreaded coughing virus does not get you and yours…

…back to the iPad!!!

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