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Update 30/11/20

Sorry, there will not be a proper post today as I am feeling very ill. I hope to be able to write later in the week. Love and best wishes, Anne 💕💗💖💗💕

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Taking a break – update 11/10/20

I think that I need a short break from writing this blog. For the last few weeks my physical and mental health have been deteriorating, to the point that I am hardly able to get out of bed. Writing the blog … Continue reading

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Update 02/10/20

I had planned to write a post about my new scarf rings with modelling pictures, but I have spent the day in bed with exhaustion. We had some family difficulties last night and I have felt unable to cope today, … Continue reading

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Update 14/08/20

First of all, I must apologise for the lack of a Reading Roundup post on Wednesday. The heat and humidity has been making me feel so unwell this week – I have been suffering from a very painful headache and … Continue reading

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Update 12/06/20

I had planned a post about a new purchase today, but I had one of my worst coughing/choking attacks this afternoon and am not capable of writing properly. See you next week. Love and best wishes, Anne 💕💗💖💗💕

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Update 08/06/20 – Letter to the library

This morning, I decided to write a letter to my local library service to thank them for all that they do. Here it is: To: (Redacted) Dear Library Staff, I am writing to you all to thank you for your … Continue reading

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Update 16/03/20

Well, we really are in interesting times, aren’t we? I must admit that I would prefer boring, but interesting is what we have. I don’t have a great deal to write about today. I suppose I could more than fill … Continue reading

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Update 09/03/20

I am sorry, but I just cannot write a full post today. We are really struggling in our household with a number of issues and my body has reacted very badly. To put it truthfully and bluntly: I am a … Continue reading

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Update 09/12/19

As I have had a pretty bad migraine this afternoon, with an aura, I cannot write a proper post today. I will try to write an update tomorrow. Love and best wishes, Anne 💕💗💖💗💕

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Update 25/11/19: with some painful thoughts

I didn’t really know how to title this post as I decided to write out some truthful and painful thoughts today. I started this blog, back in January 2017, as a way of getting myself back into writing again and, … Continue reading

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