Wardrobe planning #15: Hermès scarves – The Purse Forum

I thought that I would write a couple of posts with all of the bits and pieces I have gathered together about Hermès scarves along the way. Also, when I find something new, I will continue to add things to these and maybe flag that up in a quick post.

Scarf knots showing off contrast hems

Scarf knots showing off contrast hems

The series begins with the massive amount of information available on The Purse Forum.

The Purse Forum

tPF is a great source of information about Hermès scarves, and designer clothing and accessories in general. The members are incredibly knowledgeable and also very helpful. The best threads for Hermès scarves are the following. Please bear in mind that when each thread becomes very long, the moderators start a new one, so my links may become out of date in a while. If you find a broken link, please feel free to tell me in a comment and I will do my best to sort things out.

The Authentication section of the Hermès forum has a thread for scarves: Authenticate this Hermès Scarf. Check the rules of this thread in the first post before asking for authentication or your post will not be answered. There is another helpful thread about fakes listed on eBay called Hall of Shame – sometimes scarves are flagged up here.

Lots of other threads about scarves appear in the main section of the Hermes Forum. I have found the following both interesting and useful:

  • The Spring 2017 Scarves
    Before each season’s scarves start to appear in the boutiques and on the web shop, members start a new thread with speculation, hopes and dreams about the new designs. The thread then continues for several months until everyone has speculated, hoped, dreamed and purchased their fill. The next season’s thread will usually start before the previous one ends, and so on!
  • Cleaning Scarves
    Lots of advice here on how to get scarves dry-cleaned or how to wash them yourself. I haven’t had mine for very long and they are pretty fresh, for now, but I am sure that I will have to venture into washing them at some point. There is also a very helpful post about this on MaiTai’s blog too.
  • How to Wear a 90cm Casually
    Lots of ideas here for wearing scarves with less formal outfits and with more ordinary clothing.
  • Storing my Scarves
    I am beginning to reach the time when I might have to think about this. Some tPF members have 100s, if not more, scarves and have put a great deal of thought into storage, so there are some great ideas in this thread.
  • Tango Tosca’s Scarf Circus
    An old thread, but full of lovely ideas for how to wear scarves.
  • Your Grail Scarf
    Do you want to know which scarves are most popular? Why not have a read of this thread. Do bear in mind, though, that resellers must read the forum and often seem to raise prices when rare scarves are mentioned!
  • Scarf Knots and Ties
    There are a few threads about this, as you would expect:

There are lots of other threads linking scarves and shawls with handbags and clothing, but I tend not to read those as these items are way beyond my reach both financially and psychologically! It just shows that there is so much to explore.

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3 Responses to Wardrobe planning #15: Hermès scarves – The Purse Forum

  1. Blighty says:

    What a fantastic post! This is so useful, pulls everything together. Lots of corners of TPF I did not know about, will now go explore. Your collage is dynamite, what an exquisite collection you have.xx


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