Monday post 10/10/22: Hermès’ Spring/Summer 2023 scarf season

Hello everyone and welcome to a new week! You may have noticed that I am changing the titles of my posts. It’s just to make things a bit clearer and also to open up the subjects I want to post. As my health issues are increasing, I can’t really stick to the Friday “Outfits of the Week” posts, for example.

So, I will try this pattern moving forwards:

  • Mondays will be “Monday post (date): (subject)”. Anything I think is interesting enough to write about!
  • Wednesdays will continue being “Reading roundup” posts.
  • Fridays will be “Friday post (date): (subject)”. I will try to stick to posts about clothing and accessories where possible. If it isn’t, then I will choose another topic!

Right, now I am going to break that whole plan by writing about Hermès scarves and shawls!

Sorry! Well, I’m not really because I wanted to get this information to you as quickly as possible…

OK, here we go…

Hermès, like other fashion houses, has two “seasons” in a year: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. At this time of year, the early photos from fashion events start to appear online for the next year’s Spring/Summer season and all of the speculation about colours and designs begins! On the Purse Forum a new thread has been opened to discuss the scarves, shawls and twillies for Spring/Summer 2023. At first, we will only see hints from mostly blurry photos but, eventually, the designs will become clearer as more and more images appear on websites around the world. The actual scarves will start to make their way into Hermès’ online shop and actual boutiques in around January, but a few may become available before Christmas.

Here is the link to the Purse Forum thread about the new season:

……Hermès Spring/Summer 2024 Scarves……

And this is my post covering the Purse Forum’s Hermès scarf threads. Please note that it was last updated in 2020 so I probably need to tweak some links again. I will try to do this as soon as possible:

Wardrobe planning #15: Hermès scarves – The Purse Forum

Here are a couple of early images from the thread just to whet your appetite…

It will be so interesting to see the designs and colourways as they emerge!

Love and best wishes,



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