Update 27/04/17

Still not doing well health-wise as I had a really terrible coughing and choking bout in the night. I am getting a bit stir-crazy from staying in the house, but there has been no chance of going out today.

LH and I watched recorded Holby City and then Little Boy Blue this morning. The latter programme is very upsetting as it is the story of a young boy, Rhys Jones age 11, who was shot whilst returning home from football practice. The emotional trauma of losing a son in such horrific circumstances is almost too much to deal with, even as an observer, never mind that this happened to a family in real life. Part of my anxiety is focused on worrying about my lads and the fear of losing any of them. If that sounds selfish and making this about me, when a family has already lost their loved one, then I am sorry. Perhaps I shouldn’t have watched the programme at all.

I had promised that I would reveal my new scarf and so I will do that now. For some time, I have been looking at the range of Hermès scarves that show designs based on themes from the ancient world. Up to now, I have mostly bought scarves with plant and animal designs, but I began to look at older scarves on eBay and reseller sites and noticed a few with Ancient Greek and Roman motifs, as well as those from Ancient Egypt. I already have one such scarf – Escales Mediterranéenes – but am quite keen to acquire some more.

As I cannot afford to spend a lot of money on scarves, certainly nothing beyond the price of a new one from the web shop, I was pleased to see one on eBay last week that fitted into my new collecting “theme”.

Mare Nostrum by Annie Faivre for Hermès

Mare Nostrum by Annie Faivre for Hermès

I had seen this colourway before and really liked it: pale lilac, sepia, blush, cream and shades of brown and teal. There is a pattern that looks a bit like crazy paving in two light purple/lilac colours with motifs of ancient gods and goddesses, fish, buildings, animals and plants. I think it will look best against a deeper purple top or this brick jumper, perhaps even a cream t-shirt. We will see.

Let me just say that I was thrilled to get this pristine scarf for the price. Yes, it has a sale stamp but I don’t mind about that! I am just so pleased to add it to my small collection.


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2 Responses to Update 27/04/17

  1. The sale stamp is almost like an extra way to authenticate the scarf!😉


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