Outfit of the day 02/05/17

I am feeling very low today, thinking about how my health seems to be getting steadily  worse. Lovely Husband keeps telling me to stay positive, but that is very hard to do. I try not to moan, in real life, and I probably do manage to keep fairly cheerful with my family because I let rip on here, sometimes. Apologies to readers for that, but I don’t have any other outlet as I never get to see anyone other than my three “lads”.

I seem to be going out less and less and having more and more horrible episodes in the night and early morning. Last night I had an asthma attack and then woke up this morning with acid reflux again. It is so disheartening as this means that I feel too ill and tired to go out, which then results in more weakness and exhaustion from lack of exercise. I must try to pull myself up and go out for walks, but it all feels too difficult.

Tomorrow, I have to get up and go with LH to the hospital as he is having another nasty invasive procedure. Younger Son is still not confident enough to drive as we have to go via the motorway. I hope that I will be up to this. Poor LH is very anxious and stressed as he has to take various preparations and adjust his diet in advance. Let’s hope that it is all over as quickly as possible with a good outcome.

Even though I only went downstairs for a couple of hours, I decided to wear a really cheerful outfit. This is my favourite Ferragamo scarf, a real Spring and Summer pick-me-up. I bought it in the sale last Summer at a fraction of the full price. The border in aqua matches the cotton jumper exactly and the colours include a really lovely coral, which goes well with the bangle. The background  is cream and the jungly foliage and birds come in shades of green, orange, pink and purple with some brown and turquoise. The scarf is called Peacocks in Tropical Garden, although the birds don’t look much like peacocks to me!

Today’s outfit:

  • Silk scarf 90cm – Peacocks in Tropical Garden – Ferragamo. Tied in a simple bias fold using a MaiTai horn scarf ring.
  • Aqua cotton mix jumper – Lands’ End.
  • Navy cotton joggers – Cotton Traders.
  • Gold knot earrings – H Samuel.
  • Coral enamel and gold patterned bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • White enamel and gold patterned bangle – Halcyon Days.
Outfit of the day 02/05/17 with Ferragamo's Peacocks in the Jungle

Outfit of the day 02/05/17 with Ferragamo’s Peacocks in the Jungle

By the way, the scarf in real life is brighter than it appears in the modelling shot above. I was actually given a compliment for it last Summer when I was sitting with my cup of tea at the garden centre, which was very nice. On the other hand, no-one has ever said anything about my Hermès scarves!

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4 Responses to Outfit of the day 02/05/17

  1. Pudfish says:

    Sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it. Brilliant that you make the effort to look so elegant. Am enjoying seeing all your lovely outfits and accessories xx


    • The Librain says:

      Aw, that is so kind of you. I wouldn’t call my clothes that lovely as they are all pretty cheap, but I do love colour and finding pleasing colour combinations to wear (note that I didn’t say “coloured combinations” – that sounds like something my Gran would have worn) 😂


  2. Carrie says:

    Love your blog, you’re a gifted writer. Sad to hear about your ongoing health difficulties. I’m a full time carer for my DH who has dementia, your blog brightens up my day, thank you!


    • The Librain says:

      Oh, thanks for the lovely compliment, you are very kind. Sorry to see that you have such a difficult situation. I try to find tiny things to cheer me up, even if it is only completing a puzzle in a newspaper or reading a few chapters in my book. Even that is hard to do some days. Best wishes to you and your DH. X


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