Wardrobe planning #18: Fashion and style blogs #02

Part one of this series was last Monday: Wardrobe planning #17: Fashion and style blogs #01 . I decided that this subject needed another post, so here it is!

Last week I wrote:

Now that I have retired, and also because I spend so much time resting, I have time to read all kinds of subjects. In the past, I would have been reading professional material about school libraries, literacy and the wider world of education. Now, I have had to leave all that behind to protect my mental health. One of the subjects I now read is fashion, particularly for the older woman.

I don’t read fashion blogs and then immediately start buying the clothing and accessories I see. Instead, I tend to treat them as guidelines and suggestions as to how I might put together outfits from my existing wardrobe and accessories. I have always enjoyed style and colour and these sites give me ideas!

This post will add more fashion and style blogs and websites that I have found since last week’s post. These have also been included in the sidebar.

A Well Styled Life

Jennifer Connolly is a professional Image Consultant and Personal Stylist, after a long career in fashion. The “About” page of the blog says:

Jennifer Connolly is the driving force behind A Well Styled Life, a lifestyle blog which inspires women over fifty to live with confidence by discovering a personal style which is true to themselves and all their own.

A Well Styled Life screenshot

A Well Styled Life screenshot

Advanced Style

Amazing images of older people showing off their style!

Photographer and author, Ari Seth Cohen, is the creator of Advanced Style, a project devoted “to capturing the sartorial savvy of the senior set.” He says, “I feature people who live full creative lives. They live life to the fullest, age gracefully and continue to grow and challenge themselves.”

Ari has a longtime interest in clothing and style and a lifelong affinity for his elders. When he was growing up, his late grandmother Bluma (a librarian) was his best friend; her “energy and attitude towards life” continue to inspire him. As a result, he couldn’t help but question the absence of mature faces in the lifestyle and fashion media. “I noticed a lack of older people in fashion campaigns and street style sites,” he says. “I wanted to show that you can be stylish, creative and vital at any age.”

Who can resist someone inspired by a librarian!

Advanced Style screenshot

Advanced Style screenshot

Chic At Any Age

Josephine says on her “About” page:

Chicatanyage is a fashion resource for women over 50 who want to learn more about style, fashion and what will suit them as mature women. If you want to continue to look good and have fun with fashion you have come to the right place.

I have not been following this blog, but I think I will spend some time this week reading back through the archives as I really like the photos I have seen so far.

Chic At Any Age screenshot

Chic At Any Age screenshot

Midlife Chic

Nikki Garnett was the editor of Selfridges’ Style magazine for nine years and is now a marketing consultant. She says this about her blog:

I’ve created Midlifechic because a little while ago, amidst all the chaos of family and working life, I was beginning to feel like I’d lost my groove. So this is for anyone else out there over 40 who is emerging from the baby years and trying to rediscover the woman they used to be.

Midlife Chic screenshot

Midlife Chic screenshot

No Fear of Fashion

Greetje Kamminga is the Dutch writer of this blog, which she aims at everyone “but probably most appealing to women over 40, like me (oh alright…I am way over)”. Her photos are lovely and inspiring – I wish I could be as slim as her!

No Fear of Fashion screenshot

No Fear of Fashion screenshot

Over 50 Feeling 40

The strapline says:

Fashion and Lifestyle Blog for women over 50 to help achieve strength, confidence, joy, inspiration, and, of course, head-turning personal style!

The “Mission” of the blog:

…my mission with over50feeling40 is to inspire women over 50 to look and feel their best… to strive to be women of strength and dignity…and to enjoy every single day of life…one day at a time.

Over 50 Feeling 40 screenshot

Over 50 Feeling 40 screenshot

Style Crone

Judith, the writer, is in her 70s and has this to say about her blog:

Welcome to Style Crone, dedicated to the older woman, in her most creative, outrageous, authentic, powerful, adventurous, funny, and proud era. Let’s take back the word crone, to its original meaning, signifying a woman of a “certain age’ who embodies all her life’s wisdom, knowledge, experience, and love.

Her photos are gorgeous and so beautiful. As I am “only” in my 60s, perhaps there is hope for me yet!

Style Crone screenshot

Style Crone screenshot

Une Femme d’Un Certain Age

A lovely personal blog:

My name is Susan, and I’m 60, married, and a mother to a special-needs young adult son. Last year I left my full-time administrative career, and am looking forward to this next chapter in my life. I love (in no particular order): coffee, Paris, travel, my family, my dogs, wearing black, leopard print, dancing, good food, lipstick, finding the perfect pair of shoes, jazz, costume dramas, champagne, and books about history.

I believe that personal style is an essential form of self-expression and started this blog in 2007 in hopes of having a conversation about style for our demographic, which no one else seemed to be addressing at the time. I’m delighted to say that’s changed since then, and unefemme.net is now only one of many, many fabulous style blogs and websites for women over fifty.

Une Femme d'Un Certain Age screenshot

Une Femme d’Un Certain Age screenshot

I hope readers enjoy exploring these blogs. Please let me know if you find any others for “Femmes d’Un Certain Age” and I will add them to my list!

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