Outfit of the day 09/05/17

I wasn’t sure what to call today’s post, “Outfit of the day” or “Update”, as I just put random clothes on without my usual forethought. It felt cold when I got up this morning, so I grabbed the pretty aqua jumper from Lands’ End, my navy joggers and the patterned scarf bought by Elder Son some years ago. Actually, that is not correct, and this is quite amusing, I wrapped a very warm scarf around my neck. Now, it was warm because I had draped it over my teapot to keep my drink warm earlier on! So it felt lovely when I wore it.

Blimey! Is that a bit “old lady”? Well, who cares?

Anyway, here is a small collage of my clothing today:

Outfit of the day 09/05/17

Outfit of the day 09/05/17

So, apart from reading, which I will write about tomorrow, I have been sorting out our new TiVo box for our Virgin TV service. Lovely Husband had loads of recorded music programmes on the old box and was hanging on until the last minute. We were getting irritating pop-ups on the screen, reminding us to order the new box, for months, but he wouldn’t let me get on and sort things out.

Well, that has been done today, with help from Younger Son who did all of the grovelling on the floor connecting things. It seems to be working OK and, unless I am wrong about that last statement, it was pretty easy to do with very clear instructions.

Now I will have to teach LH and Elder Son how it all works, which should be “interesting”, to put it kindly!

Wish me luck! 🍀

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