Outfit of the day 18/05/17

It has been brighter today, with sunshine peeping out between the clouds. One design fault in our study is that the sun shines straight through the roof light and lands directly on my laptop at certain times of the day. I was trying to do some useful household stuff and simply couldn’t see the screen! I suppose we should get a blind – one of those “get around to it” jobs that no one seems to get around to doing.

I wore a very old scarf today, one that my Mum bought me years ago. It is a simple silk, crinkly long scarf but I love the colours in it – lots of blue shades. I didn’t want to wear anything thick and heavy as it has been quite warm.

Today’s outfit:

  • Blue silk scarf.
  • Bright navy, cotton cardigan – Lands’ End.
  • Bright navy, cotton top – Lands’ End.
  • Navy cotton joggers – Cotton Traders.
  • Aqua glass and silver heart-shaped earrings or blue topaz and gold stud earrings (I changed my mind after making the collage!).
Outfit of the day 18/05/17 with blue silk scarf

Outfit of the day 18/05/17 with blue silk scarf

Elder Son was pleased when his upgraded phone arrived this morning. As he has ASD and is fairly vulnerable, we have to carefully balance his yearning for an “all bells and whistles” phone with our concern that he could be a potential target for theft. He also has a tendency to lose things for a few months, before they miraculously turn up again somewhere very weird. So, it is a nice phone and he is pretty chuffed with it so far, but very inexpensive – phew! Between us, Younger Son and I got it working and he has gone out looking pleased. I hope he comes home again in the same mood!

Tomorrow, there will be a Scarf of the Moment post about the lovely Hermès’ De la Mer au Ciel. I had better spend the rest of the afternoon finishing it, in between reading, of course 😉.

De la Mer au Ciel by Laurence Bourthoumioux for Hermès

De la Mer au Ciel by Laurence Bourthoumioux for Hermès

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