Update 30/05/17

This should really have been an Outfit of the Day post, but just as I was going to get dressed to go out, I had a coughing fit and had to come up to bed. So instead I will talk about the new clothes I ordered last week and how I could have worn some of them today.

Right at the beginning of this blog, I wrote a set of Wardrobe Planning posts about how I worked out which colours I wanted to have in my closet in terms of base colours and accent colours. You may remember this colour wheel that I developed.

Wardrobe Colours chart version #02

Wardrobe Colours chart version #02

Now that I have run with this overall plan for my clothes for quite a while, I can easily see, when I check my wardrobe rails and my lists on Evernote, where I have gaps. So, when an opportunity arose last week – Lands’ End 25% offer – I already had a clear idea of what I actually needed – cardigan and vests – and which colours – lilac/purple. So, this is what I ordered:

Vests and cardigan by Lands' End

Vests and cardigan by Lands’ End

The parcel arrived very quickly on Saturday and I must say I am very pleased with the garments. I already have cardigans and a vest in these designs, so I am familiar with the fit, and the colours are FAB. Both vests have enough contrast to go well with the cardigan and I also have several other items which will also fit, such as a purple cotton mix short sleeved top, various t-shirts, beige chinos, linen trousers etc.

Trousers, tops and t-shirts.

Trousers, tops and t-shirts.

Loads of my accessories also look great with these new clothes. Here are some as examples:

Accessories in shades of purple

Accessories in shades of purple

In the centre, I have laid out the clothes and have placed the following on top:

  • Enamel and gold bangles in lilac and purple – Halcyon Days.
  • Horn pendant in purple – QueCraft.
  • Leather and gold bracelet in grape – Ferragamo.

Right-hand side:

  • Silk scarf 90cm in purple, blue, turquoise, red – Hera – Liberty of London.
  • Quilled paper earrings in purple and gold – VBPureDesigns via Etsy.
  • Silk scarf 90cm in lilac, green, beige – Escales Mediterranéenes – Hermès.

Left-hand side:

  • Amethyst and silver stud earrings – Blue Nile.
  • Silk scarf 90cm in lilac, aqua, blue – Dans un Jardin Anglais – Hermès.
  • Enamel and gold bangles in purple, lilac, aqua, turquoise, red – Hera – Liberty of London.

Reading Roundup tomorrow!


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