Outfit of the day 01/06/17

Well, strictly speaking this is yesterday’s outfit! I was stuck at home today as Lovely Husband was watching England playing cricket. As he is a cricket nut, there was little chance of dragging him away from the TV, even if I wanted to. As I have been with this former PE teacher for thirty years, I think I have a fair idea by now that he will want to watch sport. To be fair, he does record it quite often so that we can do something else.

Yesterday's Outfit of the Day

Yesterday’s Outfit of the Day

Anyway, we did go out for a while yesterday. We both had appointments for the optician and both needed to get new glasses ordered. I am pleased to say that my eyesight has not deteriorated much at all since my last visit three years ago (oops!). So I just need new reading glasses and have chosen very inexpensive ones. They look nice, though.

I decided to watch The Handmaid’s Tale TV series on my iPad this afternoon as LH doesn’t seem interested in watching it on the TV. I think he should as some feminism would do him good! I read the book so long ago that I have largely forgotten the plot, so I will probably read it again when the TV version ends. I thought that the first episode was done well and it set the scene in a very chilling way. I was almost in tears at some points.

Anyway, I will now change the mood and show my outfit collage:

Outfit of the day 01/06/17 with Hermès' Escales Mediterranéenes

Outfit of the day 01/06/17 with Hermès’ Escales Mediterranéenes

This is a Scarf that I have not shown before – Hermès’ Escales Mediterranéenes. My colourway is in lovely pastel shades of lilac, green, blue and purple and looks fresh and pretty. The scarf shows scenes from the Med set in circular frames around the design. I was so pleased to see how nice it looked with both of my new vest tops and the cardigan and wore it in a necklace tie in the morning. I got so hot later on that I ended up swapping it for my purple lacquer and horn pendant!

Outfit of the day (yesterday):

  • Silk scarf 90cm – Escales Mediterranéenes – Hermès. Tied in a necklace tie.
  • Purple sapphire cotton vest – Lands’ End.
  • Frosted lilac cotton mix cardigan – Lands’ End.
  • Beige cotton chinos – Lands’ End.
  • Purple leather and pale gold bracelet – Ferragamo.
  • Amethyst and silver stud earrings – Blue Nile.
  • Purple lacquer and horn pendant – QueCraft via Etsy.

Below you can see both the scarf and pendant. Which do you like the best?

Pendant V Scarf

Pendant V Scarf

Best wishes,


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2 Responses to Outfit of the day 01/06/17

  1. Pudfish says:

    The scarf is wonderful, it’s going on my wish list! I was outbid on this design in another colourway a while ago, next time I will be more determined! I love the pendant too, I assumed it was a Hermes one, looks so similar. Off to check out Etsy now! Xx


    • The Librain says:

      I got this colourway really cheaply on eBay quite a while ago. The pendant was also really cheap (yes it does look a lot like H. If you find the shop you will see other “H-like” things, eek).


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