Reading roundup 21/06/17

So this is the hottest June day since 1976 here in the UK. I can remember what I was doing on this day in 1976 as it was so funny. I was an Ancient History and Archaeology undergrad at the University of Birmingham and we were in the middle of a dig on the main island of Orkney. Whilst England was sweltering with a heatwave, we had sunny days interspersed with ones where thick fog rolled in off the sea. We students were living in an old school building, sleeping on the floor with no curtains at the windows. Dawn is just before 04.00 in Orkney at this time of the year and we were wide awake at that time. Then we would have to do heavy digging work all day. Our main staple foods were spuds and rhubarb – not together! Anyway, one night we decided that it must be mid-summer’s eve and a group of us girls had rather too much to drink and we went out to dance around a cairn in our nighties, trying to be mystical druids or something. The locals probably thought we were mad hippies. Except that we got the wrong night and had to do it all again! Ah, to be young!

Thin Air by Ann Cleeves

Thin Air by Ann Cleeves

Well, that happy reminisce of times past nicely leads into my first book of the week. Not set in Orkney, but further north in a remote part of Shetland. Ann Cleeves’ Thin Air is the sixth book in her Shetland Island series. I have had to skip a couple but will come back and read them when they become available from the public library. This series keeps getting better and better with each book and I cannot wait until I get hold of the next one. As usual, I have written a very short review for Goodreads. If you wish to read more detailed ones than mine, do have a look on this site. The link is in the sidebar.

The Outcast Dead by Elly Griffiths

The Outcast Dead by Elly Griffiths

I have also finished the sixth book in Elly Griffiths’ Ruth Galloway series, The Outcast Dead, this week. I did not enjoy this one quite as much as the others. This is what I wrote on Goodreads, whilst giving it three stars:

I enjoy reading this series and love the characters’ stories and development in each book. This one, however, was not my favourite. The plot seemed thin and it all came together at the end in a bit of a rush. I will continue to read more in the series and hope that the next one is better.

On the other hand, many people wrote on Goodreads that they thought it was Griffiths’ best so far. So, it just goes to show how personal reading is.

Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly

Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly

The next book to tell you about is Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly, part of his Harry Bosch series. Now, anyone who has a hero named Hieronymous Bosch is OK with me and I usually love Connelly’s books. This one, however, was not good. It felt like two shorter novels spliced together with the plot split between the USA and Hong Kong. I also did not like how the author stereotyped Chinese characters in both places. It felt more like an action thriller than a detective novel. I did read it all, though!

Killer Look by Linda Fairstein

Killer Look by Linda Fairstein

I have today started reading Killer Look by Linda Fairstein. Again, this is part of a long series and I have already read one book. I will let you know what I think of this one next week, all being well.

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