Update 07/07/17

This is not an Outfit of the Day post as, once again, it is so hot that I am lying in a sticky heap wearing very little! I promised that I would show my latest sale purchases, though. Once again, I have been stalking the Lands’ End site for their lovely supima cotton cardigans and tops. They come in a huge range of colours, which change each season. The design is given tweaks too. This season the cardigan has been given nice self-coloured metal buttons.

I will admit that I already have the twin sets in teal, coral and bright navy; the tops on their own in sea green, purple, dark navy, brick and animal print; and the cardigan alone in frosted lilac. Set out like that I realise that I might have gone a little OTT! But these are so useful, would have been great for work and they also fit well into my retirement lifestyle. I can wear both pieces as twin sets with jeans, casual trousers and skirts; the tops alone look nice on warmer days and the cardigans also work well over dresses, t-shirts or vests. The colours are great as a background for my scarf collection!

The supima cotton washes well and seems to hold the colours, which are gorgeous.

Anyway, I have now added these two in marine teal to my wardrobe:

Cotton mix top in marine teal - Lands' End

Cotton mix top in marine teal – Lands’ End

Cotton mix top in marine teal - Lands' End

Cotton mix cardigan in marine teal – Lands’ End

In real life the colour is brighter than in the images above and veers more towards the green side of turquoise, rather than the blue. If the weather becomes cooler next week, I will model them with some of my accessories. I can already see that my turquoise tassel necklace will look nice.

Turquoise beaded tassel necklace - BOHO-LANE

Turquoise beaded tassel necklace – BOHO-LANE

Well, it is time to get back to my reading. Wishing everyone who visits a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,


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