Outfit of the day 10/07/17

Just a very quick post today with my outfit as I am feeling very unwell. The weather has been so hot recently and I have been suffering with my health. I really hope that other people have been making the most of the sunshine and have been enjoying themselves. I don’t want to be on a downer, but weather like this is so difficult for me as it aggravates my asthma and cough. Sunny, but cooler and fresher conditions suit me better.

Today’s outfit:

  • Apple green, cotton, slash neck t-shirt – Kettlewell Colours. I don’t have a good photo of this and will probably not take one as this top is on its way out of my wardrobe. The colour and design are nice but this shade does not fit in with the rest of my colours, so I won’t replace it with similar.
  • Navy and white linen trousers – Isle.
  • Horn and green lacquer pendant – QueCraft via Etsy.
  • Horn and cream lacquer earrings – QueCraft via Etsy.
  • Horn bangle – Pia.
Outfit of the day 10/07/17

Outfit of the day 10/07/17

I really hope that my health and mood pick up this week. At least my “boys” are doing well, although Lovely Husband is also struggling with his health. I must invoke that renowned British stiff upper lip and soldier on 😬.

Best wishes,


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