Outfit of the day 17/07/17

It has been a beautiful day and the sun is still shining as I write this post from my bed. I really needed to go to the library as I had finished all of the book pile on my bedside table and had resorted to re-reading something that I had enjoyed years ago (I will tell you about this in my Wednesday Reading Roundup post).

So, we went to the library and I chose six books fairly randomly and then started to feel dizzy and a bit nauseous. I think it is the fault of the long list of meds I have to take plus a few of my equally long list of conditions, but I get these problems regularly. Also, it was the first day of getting up after quite a few spent in bed. Anyway, Lovely Husband suggested that we should go for a cuppa, which we did, and I indulged in a very naughty bun. Well, I mean that I was naughty in eating it rather than the bun being naughty!

This did help to revive me somewhat and so we then drove to a local shop which sells white goods as we need to replace the small larder fridge we have in the kitchen. As we looked at these, I began to feel even more faint and became incoherent! This continued until LH got me home and Younger Son, who has a week off work, helped me into bed and brought more tea. I quickly felt a lot better so decided to write this post.

Today’s outfit took a bit of chopping and changing before we went out:

  • Navy cotton fitted t-shirt dress – Tigi Wear.
  • Soft teal viscose long wrap – Kettlewell Colours.
  • Turquoise resin earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane via Net-a-Porter.
  • Turquoise, gold and white beaded tassel necklace – BOHO-LANE.
  • Turquoise enamel and rose gold bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • Blue topaz earrings.
  • Navy leather sandals – Suave.

No, I didn’t wear both sets of earrings at the same time! This is what happened: in the photo you can see me wearing the turquoise resin earrings and my rose gold chain necklace. After I took the photo, I realised that the clasp on the necklace had broken, so I swapped it for the tassel necklace and the earrings for my blue topaz studs. I think the resin earrings would have been a bit much with the tassel necklace, don’t you?

Outfit of the day 17/07/17

Outfit of the day 17/07/17

To add even more bling, I tied my Bateau Fleuri gavroche to the gorgeous Blue Africa Massaccesi handbag:

Massaccesi handbag and Hermès' Bateau Fleuri gavroche

Massaccesi handbag and Hermès’ Bateau Fleuri gavroche

I hope readers have all had a lovely day,

Best wishes,


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  1. Oh no! I hope you’re feeling better! Do you know what’s causing your health ailments? If not I hope a doctor figures it out asap! 😢 that’s so scary!


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