Scarf of the moment: Under the Waves

This lovely scarf, Under the Waves, was designed by Alice Shirley for Hermès’ Spring/Summer 2016 season. The minute I saw it I knew that I would have to save up for it, particularly for this silk twill 90cm colourway, #15, with its shades of aqua, blue, pink, cream and turquoise.

The design depicts a host of sea creatures weaving in and out of corals and plants on the Australian Great Barrier Reef. The dusky rose rolled hem surrounds a shimmering range of mainly pastel shades in this colourway. The other versions of this scarf include electric colours against a black or bright background, or dreamy toning shades which would be wonderful to wear. There are so many exciting colourways to choose from.

The scarf has been offered as a 90cm, a 140cm mousseline (SS2016) and a twilly (AW2016). I wish I could afford the mousseline version as the colourways are wonderful!

Under the Waves by Alice Shirley for Hermès

Under the Waves by Alice Shirley for Hermès

First of all, here are the different colourways offered for the 90cm silk twill. Gorgeous!

The mousselines are equally wonderful. I wish I could own #09!

And here are the twillies – so cute!

The design story:

Alice Shirley pays tribute to the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s biggest coral reef, off the coast of Queensland in northern Australia. The reef is the largest living organic structure on Earth. It features on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, and is home to a fascinating abundance of fauna. The living coral ‘sculptures’ attract a multitude of marine species, in an endless ballet of forms and colours. The sea turtle swims to Milman Islet, a small island off the far north of Queensland, to lay its eggs. The leafy sea dragon takes shelter among the fronds of seaweed, while the mandarin fish busies itself hunting for plankton. Each owes its existence to the fragile balance of this extraordinary ecosystem.

The details of the scarf are so lovely with the fish and other sea creatures swimming in and out of the corals and seaweeds:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love wearing this scarf in the warmer months and it looks great with a range of clothing in blues, turquoise, aqua and teal. Different ties show off all aspects of the scarf, including the lovely contrast rolled hem:

Under the Waves - Hermès - collage #02

Under the Waves – Hermès – collage #02

Scarf ties clockwise from the top left: asymmetric wrap with my aqua cotton jumper, half-bow knot with my marine teal twin-set, asymmetric wrap again against my bright navy twin-set, cowboy cowl knot, criss-cross knot, and cowl knot. All clothes from Lands’ End, horn scarf ring from MaiTai.

Below is a collage of some of my jewellery which would look lovely with the scarf:

Under the Waves - Hermès - collage #03

Under the Waves – Hermès – collage #03

Jewellery clockwise from the top left: iridescent seahorse earrings by MadMarchMoon, turquoise bracelet, London blue topaz earrings by Blue Nile, shell pendant, turquoise enamel and gold bangle by Halcyon Days, aqua glass and silver drop earrings.

Background information

Alice Shirley

Buro: Interview with Alice Shirley
Mentions Under the Waves as well as other designs by the artist.

There are hundreds of sites out there about the Great Barrier Reef, so I have selected a couple for you to explore if you are interested. You can also find out more about the individual creatures mentioned in the scarf design story.

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef
Official tourist website.

Great Barrier Reef
Similar site to the above.

Wikipedia: Great Barrier Reef
Main Wikipedia article.

Sea Turtles

Sea Dragons

Mandarin Fish

I hope that readers have enjoyed this Scarf of the Moment post about Under the Waves. The next one, Escales Mediterranéenes, should be in two weeks time.

Best wishes,


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6 Responses to Scarf of the moment: Under the Waves

  1. Omg my friend Sam would LOVE these. She’s a turtle fan. 😍


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  3. Paula Atkeson says:

    If you ever decide to part with this scarf, I am desperately trying to find one!


  4. NanoSymphony says:

    All colourways are wonderful and you always pick the best of all!


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