Update 07/08/17

I have been thinking that I could work out some kind of shorthand; perhaps a code that would quickly show what a day has been like. That way I could simply write it out and readers would be aware what is going on without me getting too repetitious or too boring. My daily life does get a bit dull, with the occasional “excitement” of a coughing fit or a family quarrel.

Well, I had to find something to illustrate this!

The code could look something like this, maybe:

  • MC – mild coughing
  • MJC – major coughing
  • FA – fainting
  • NV – nausea and vomiting
  • BR – bedridden
  • MIG – migraine
  • PA – panic attack
  • AR – acid reflux

You get the idea and those are just the ones for my health issues. This could be expanded to include wider family challenges:

  • MA – minor argument
  • MJA – major argument
  • ALI – Anne lost it
  • ASDM – Elder Son had an ASD meltdown
  • ESLI – Elder Son lost it
  • WFLI – whole family lost it
  • NED – nobody emptied the dishwasher
  • SFLU – someone forgot to lock up
  • FDLO – fridge door left open
  • YSBU – Younger Son’s bedroom was untidy
  • SEB – someone has been eating in their bedroom again
  • SDB – someone has drunk all of the beer
  • YLC – Yorkshire has lost a cricket match
  • LHPO – Lovely Husband was a little cross
  • LHFOES – Lovely Husband said a naughty word to Elder Son
  • MJS – major stress for all


That was yesterday.

Today has been a little better: BR, ESLI, MJS

Tomorrow is another day. Perhaps we can have PQ – peace and quiet?

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2 Responses to Update 07/08/17

  1. Pudfish says:

    Very much enjoyed this post, your codes would work very well for our family too. I hope you have ARND soon (A Really Nice Day) x


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