Outfit of the day 14/08/17

I managed to do a few useful tasks over the weekend, which always helps my mental health. Also, the weather has been improving over the last few days. We haven’t gone out today, though, and I ended up back in bed after behaving rather stupidly. Next door are having their front garden paved and the workmen began to raise up quite a dust storm. Without thinking it through, I jumped up from the sofa and virtually ran upstairs to shut the windows in an attempt to stop dust billowing into our bedroom. As dust is one of my cough triggers, I was trying to make sure that my sanctuary would be safe.

Well, as anyone but me could have foreseen, that mad burst of activity gave me a coughing fit and I had to get into bed anyway. Silly me!

So, here’s what I wore today in anticipation of going out, but only managed a couple of hours before changing back into pyjamas. Perhaps I will put this outfit on again tomorrow when I go to the hairdresser, with just a change of gavroche.

  • Bright navy, cotton, sweetheart neck t-shirt – Kettlewell Colours.
  • Beige cotton chinos – Lands’ End.
  • Silver and crystal earrings.
  • White enamel and silver bangle.
  • Navy leather sandals – Suave.
  • Blue, white, grey and pink silk scarf – The Savana Dance gavroche – Hermès.
Outfit of the day 14/08/17 with Hermès' The Savana Dance gavroche

Outfit of the day 14/08/17 with Hermès’ The Savana Dance gavroche

Best wishes,


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