Update 15/09/17 and a birthday!

It is Lovely Husband’s birthday today! We bought him a commemorative volume of historic newspaper headlines about his favourite football team, Hull City. I thought that this would be a special gift for his landmark birthday – 65. There have been the expected jokes about state pensions and bus passes, but even so I find it hard to believe how fast the time has gone. He was 34 when we started going out together.

I was hoping to be well enough to have lunch out, but it was not to be, so we stayed in and watched TV and chatted about this and that. During our talk, I remarked that it was great that we still have so much that we want to say to each other. It is true, we are never the couple sitting at the pub table with nothing to say. We do drive each other mad sometimes as neither of us can stop talking over TV programmes, even if we try really hard. In fact, it was one of the things that attracted me about him – the fact that he could out-talk me, and still does so!

I had bought this new dress from Lands’ End and intended to wear it this lunchtime, but it will keep for another day. It is made of a lovely fine, soft merino wool with a cowl neck and elbow length sleeves, which will nicely show off a bracelet. It comes in three colours: plum, charcoal and this navy. If you like it, then wait until there is an offer on (there is 25% off at the time of writing), as it is quite expensive.

Navy merino wool dress - Lands' End

Navy merino wool dress – Lands’ End

I think it will look great with navy leggings or opaque tights and ankle boots. Either these:

Tan ankle boots by Ted and Muffy

Tan ankle boots by Ted and Muffy

Or these:

Tan ankle boots by Clarks

Tan ankle boots by Clarks

Or my black knee boots (I still have some footwear in black, although it is not one of my colours):

Black leather boots by Clarks

Black leather boots by Clarks

Another parcel came this morning containing a gift for my birthday, when it arrives in November. I opened it and was thrilled with the contents. But the parcel has now been put away and I will do the reveal after the day. It came from Italy, not France, and is not a Ferragamo item! So no-one will be able to guess 😉.

Elder Son has been at work today after some time off due to a holiday and then illness. So I hope that he comes back in a good mood. Younger Son should be home over the weekend after his holiday abroad with his friends. So I hope that he has had a great time.

Also I hope that all my readers have a good weekend, wherever you are in the world.

Best wishes,


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