Outfit of the day 12/10/17

OK, so I am cheating again as this is really yesterday’s outfit. Once again, I have been in bed all day after coughing really badly this morning. Kind Elder Son volunteered to give my bedroom a good clean and I think that the dust set me off.

Anyway, yesterday I wore this well-loved scarf with my red cashmere jumper. I bought it decades ago but still like the richness of the colours:

  • Cherry red, cashmere, round-neck jumper – Pure Collection.
  • Indigo jeans – Cotton Traders.
  • Bronze art nouveau style earrings.
  • Rose gold and crystal bangle.
  • Silk scarf in red, blue, turquoise, gold and lilac – Accessorize. Tied in a cowboy cowl knot.
Outfit of the day 12/10/17

Outfit of the day 12/10/17

I just want to show you a slight twist on this knot, which is an adaptation of the cowboy knot.  You can also tuck in the long “tail”, either into the cowl itself, or as I did in the photo below, into the neck of the jumper or shirt. I think it looks lovely both ways. The knot is a great way of highlighting the centre of a scarf, which often goes unseen. I have found some rather amusing instructions on The Purse Forum.

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