Outfit of the day 23/11/17

I am quite pleased as I managed to go downstairs for quite a bit longer today. So that feels like progress. I am hoping to be well enough to visit the Library tomorrow as I need some new books to read.

The cardigan and top shown in the collage below must be my favourite cashmere clothes in my wardrobe. Both are from Pure Collection (link in the sidebar). The cardigan is a gorgeous shade of teal, darker and richer than in the image, and the short-sleeved top is a wonderful purple. I love this colour combination and will definitely replace these two items if the moths do any horrible damage. My little Zebra Pegasus gavroche is perfect with this outfit as the background colour in the scarf is only a few shades lighter than the cardigan.

Today’s outfit:

  • Royal purple, cashmere, short-sleeved top – Pure Collection. Similar image.
  • Teal cashmere cardigan – Pure Collection. The colour in the selfie is closest.
  • Indigo jeans – Klass.
  • Amethyst and silver earrings – Blue Nile. This outfit also looks great with my London Blue earrings from Blue Nile.
  • Purple leather and pale gold wrap bracelet – Ferragamo.
  • Silk gavroche in teal, blues, white and purple – Zebra Pegasus – Hermès.
Outfit of the day 23/11/17 with Hermès’ Zebra Pegasus gavroche

Outfit of the day 23/11/17 with Hermès’ Zebra Pegasus gavroche

I had a lovely surprise today. As I was gazing out of our back window, I saw a beautiful rose blooming from a climber that I had thought was dead. It was poking through a shrub, swaying in the breeze and was such a cheerful sight. As the light was fading, I couldn’t take a photo straight away, but as will try to get one to show you tomorrow, if I can.

Best wishes,


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