Outfit of the day 24/11/17

All in all it has been quite a satisfying day so far (it is about 4.30 pm at the time of writing, so a fair bit of the Day is left). I managed to go downstairs earlier than usual this morning, after helping Elder Son with a few tasks before he went to work. Lovely Husband and I then went out to the Library and I chose what looks to be a really diverse selection of books, in addition to three reservations which were waiting for me. After that, we drove to Elder Son’s cafe where I had a cream tea (very naughty indeed, but also very nice).

I wore the same outfit as yesterday, but changed the accessories. These soutache earrings are very striking so I don’t tend to wear a scarf with them as I think the overall effect would be too much!

Today’s outfit:

  • Royal purple, cashmere, short-sleeved top – Pure Collection. Similar image.
  • Teal cashmere cardigan – Pure Collection. The colour in the selfie is closest.
  • Indigo jeans – Klass.
  • Turquoise and purple soutache earrings – via Etsy.
  • Turquoise chip bangle – via Etsy.

Please excuse my face in the selfie. The effects of my illness are really showing! Oh, and if you like soutache jewellery, do have a look at this amazing page on Facebook: Serena Di Mercione. I wish I could wear her work and definitely would if I were younger as it is gorgeous.

Outfit of the day 24/11/17

Outfit of the day 24/11/17

I also took a picture of the lovely rose that I mentioned yesterday. Although not perfect, it really cheered me to see such a beautiful flower in November.

November rose

November rose

Best wishes to you all for a great weekend,


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