Growing out the grey: update 07/12/17

I am due for my next hair appointment on Tuesday and have already decided that I will continue to avoid hair dye. My next haircut will be a pretty radical trim so that I can get closer to my grey “transformation”! It is very easy to see the grey coming through now and I am interested to see what colour it will be when all the dyed parts have been cut away.

I am trying to remember exactly when I began consistently having my hair coloured at the hairdresser and think that it was probably at least sixteen years ago. Before that, I used to do it myself, with very mixed results. So, let’s say that I started around twenty or so years ago. I can remember having a very mixed natural colour then: a basic mid to light brown, with some patches of salt and pepper at the back and a clear silver streak at the front. Now I can see that silver streak coming back, but this time with more silver at the sides and a darker grey at the parting. I am getting quite excited in anticipation!

There are still the issues around which of my existing clothes and accessories will suit my new look and which won’t. I also have concerns about my thin hair on top and how that will turn out.

Well, we shall see. Probably by the time Spring arrives.

Anyway, the photo below shows really clearly my grey growth. It is a very unflattering picture as I brushed all my hair back off my forehead! Eek! 🤭😬🙄

Going grey 07/12/17

Going grey 07/12/17

I will continue to take (probably equally unflattering) photos so that I have a record of my “progress”. 😁

Best wishes,


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