Update 12/12/17

My hair appointments seem to come around quickly. Mind you, I usually have them every six weeks and this time the gap was only five, because of the Christmas holidays. I have been very happy with my hair since I had it cut shorter as it now has a lot more bounce and wave. This has made it look a bit thicker, which is good news. I had a fair bit chopped off today plus a blow dry, which always looks nice. It will be interesting to see what my hair looks like when I wash it myself as I just mess it up a bit with my fingers and then leave it to air dry. I don’t have the energy or skill to blow dry it.

Depending on the light, you can really see the greys growing in now and I am really interested to see what colour I am going to be. I have a silver streak at the front that has been there for decades, but I am still not sure what the rest will be like. I am far too impatient!

As I was feeling pretty good today, I also popped in to a new boutique which has opened near my hairdresser. We have very few interesting shops in our local town, and I hope this one stays. The stock is well priced, appears to be very good value and is a real treasure trove of pretty tops and really cute accessories. And you all know how I simply cannot walk past accessories! I will show you what I bought on Thursday, although the “after” photo below gives you a preview.

Before and after haircut 12/12/17

Before and after haircut 12/12/17

Reading Roundup tomorrow!

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