Update 11/12/17

We have had beautiful snowy weather for the last few days and our street and garden look lovely. As I don’t have to leave the house these days, and am not worrying about getting to work, I can appreciate the thick layer of sparkling white over the neighbourhood. The lads work fairly close by so are able to walk and I don’t worry about them either.

I am concerned, however, about those people who are less fortunate, particularly those who are homeless. It must be dreadful trying to keep warm and dry, particularly in weather like this. The number of homeless people in the UK is shocking and horrific and I sometimes feel ashamed to live in a country which seems to tolerate this.

So, when I saw this on Facebook I had to take a moment to listen. This song takes me right back to my childhood and it is great to see that it has been released in a new version by Crisis UK, the charity supporting the homeless, to raise money. I have uploaded the video from YouTube here, but urge everyone to either pay for their own download or to think of the homeless when making their next charity donation. You can download Streets of London from here, or make other gifts to the charity here. Ralph McTell still has such a wonderful voice!

Best wishes to you all,

❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️

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