Update and boutique shopping 14/12/17

I am going to show you the two items I bought when I was out on Tuesday, after my haircut. There is a lovely new boutique which has opened nearby, selling very pretty tops and a massive range of accessories, beautifully displayed and all crammed into a tiny space. The owner is lovely and welcoming and it is so refreshing to have something like this in our rather boring little market town. The Sonrisa boutique has its own Facebook page, if you are interested.

Poncho and scarf from the Sonrisa boutique in Hinckley

Poncho and scarf from the Sonrisa boutique in Hinckley

The shop has a gorgeous and colourful collection of one-size tops and I quickly spotted this navy poncho.  The fabric is a fine mixed fibre jersey and there are bands of sparkles around the v-neckline and on the front edges, which are finished with fluffy pom-poms. The iPad camera couldn’t quite capture the colour, which is a dark navy.

I think I will probably wear this on Boxing Day with my navy cotton polo neck top, velour trousers and boots. We always go out to a local favourite pub for lunch on that day and this poncho will hide a multitude of puds! It will need very little jewellery as too much would fight with the sparkly bits. Perhaps my Swarovski ring and earrings will be enough. I don’t want to look like a dark blue Christmas Tree!

The second item, as I showed on Tuesday, was a pretty acrylic fringed shawl in turquoise, navy and bright pink. It is so soft and ideal for snuggling in bed, during these cold days and evenings. In fact, I love it so much that I have hardly stopped wearing it since I brought it home. Soooooo sooooooft!

Eek! As I was finishing editing this post, I visited the shop’s Facebook page and saw that the owner has uploaded the photos she took of me… this is more of me than you usually see on here ☺️😊.

Pretty sparkly poncho at the Sonrisa boutique

Pretty sparkly poncho at the Sonrisa boutique

It just goes to show that you can get a pretty little pick-me-up (or two) for very good value  if you keep your eyes open 😍💗😍💗 and don’t want to fork out for an Hermès scarf!

Best wishes,


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