Update 15/12/17

I have been very busy today, between rests, trying to do my bit to prepare for Christmas. At last Younger Son helped me to put up the tree. Since I became so ill, we have had to streamline things a lot so, a few years ago, we bought a pre-lit fibre-optic tree. It now looks very pretty in our front window.

We are also very late writing the cards and I finally got around to printing off our card list this afternoon. Then we had a hunt round the house for the card boxes and couldn’t find them anywhere! Aargh! I hope that one of us has some inspiration soon or we will have to get some more.

Lovely Husband is very organised and loves making lists and so I typed up his food buying list and also a kind of action list too. This is now saved on my laptop so we can use it or adapt it for next year. He also likes me to type out a decorated menu card for Christmas Day as he really goes to town on the lunch. We get out all of the best china, candles, cutlery and glassware (which we only seem to use once or twice a year these days) and I enjoy making the table look fab, even if it is just for the four of us.

I am really tired now and am resting in bed, so I will just leave you with a tempting image which I might just come back to early next year…

Best wishes and a happy weekend,


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