Update 18/12/17

I am going to ease up a little from posting on this blog for a couple of weeks over the holiday period. Instead of trying to post every week day, I will cut it down to probably three times a week until January, unless I have something particularly interesting to tell you!

As I have already said, I am finding this time of year very hard to cope with. The lack of support from wider family is really painful and the absence of my parents is so poignant, when I remember such happy times with them in the past. We will try hard to make a cheerful time for our lads and they will have their own friends and work to keep them entertained.

I do hope that all visitors to this blog have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Merry Christmas by Kit on Flickr

Merry Christmas by Kit on Flickr

Best wishes,


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Merry Christmas by Kit on Flickr

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