Update and sale purchases 09/01/18

Things are still very tough, so I will distract myself from my troubles by showing you some of my recent purchases from the January sales. I have had some lovely things from Pure Collection (link in the sidebar) in the past, mainly cashmere but also some silk tops. This time, I found a couple of items that appeared to be suitable for the Summer months.

This looked lovely in the photos on site:

Silk satin shrug in mosaic print by Pure Collection

Silk satin shrug in mosaic print by Pure Collection

I am actually quite pleased with this shrug and will wear it with vest tops and linen trousers, I think. The silk is pretty substantial and has a nice satin finish. I also like the print, in shades of blue, white and lime green, which will go nicely with many of my existing clothing and accessories. It is also available in a vibrant red, blue and white palm print, which is also lovely.

These accessories may look good with this shrug:

Accessories in blue and white

Accessories in blue and white

My other purchase was less successful! The only thing that works for this dress is the colour!

Turquoise washed linen tunic by Pure Collection

Turquoise washed linen tunic by Pure Collection

I chose it because I don’t have much in linen and I thought it would be useful for hot Summer days. Unfortunately, it looks awful on me as it is too big and baggy. The photo from the site makes the dress seem as if it has shaping, but it does not. The fabric has a very loose weave so looks very cheap. The turquoise colour is nice and I like the pin tucks on the front and back. Anyway, Lovely Husband has told me to keep it, as it is not really worth the hassle of sending it back, so I will wear it when reading in the garden, but not beyond!

I do have accessories that may lift the dress somewhat:

Accessories in turquoise

Accessories in turquoise

Ah well, you can’t always get everything right! I am usually quite successful when shopping online and hardly ever return items that don’t work, but this was not one of those times.

Reading Roundup tomorrow, all being well.

Best wishes,


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