Outfit of the day 25/01/18

I’m feeling a bit fed up today. This morning I was a little stronger than usual so planned a visit out, but it was not to be. This time it was Lovely Husband who was unwell. He had to go for a rest in the afternoon. So the trip didn’t happen. I hope we manage it tomorrow.

It was doubly disappointing because I was actually wearing a nice outfit. As my hair turns more and more to the grey side, I have been rummaging through my wardrobes working out what will work with this change and what will not. I think that my brown clothes will probably be on the way out, though. If you manage to wear brown shades with grey hair can you let me know how/if that works for you? I am very interested.

Anyway, I still have a few items in grey or with grey accents left over from my work wardrobe. I have removed my grey work suits, but still have some tops. I found this heather grey cashmere cardigan at the back of my cupboard and decided to pair it with a navy cashmere jumper and this lovely Hermès scarf, Le Jardin de la Maharani, in shades of blue and grey. Here is a collage of the outfit:

Outfit of the day 25/01/18 with Hermès’ Le Jardin de la Maharani scarf

Outfit of the day 25/01/18 with Hermès’ Le Jardin de la Maharani scarf

Today’s outfit:

  • Navy cashmere v-neck jumper – Marks and Spencer.
  • Heather grey cashmere cardigan – Pure Collection. The image is similar.
  • Navy cotton joggers – Cotton Traders. I would have changed into jeans if we had gone out.
  • Grey crystal and gold earrings – Swarovski.
  • Navy leather and rose gold wrap bracelet – Ferragamo.
  • Silk scarf, 90cm, in navy, cobalt, sky blue, grey and white – Le Jardin de la Maharani – Hermès. Tied using a MaiTai horn shawl ring to show off the amazing animal border and contrast hem.

This evening, I am going to try to finish off the long awaited Scarf of the Moment post about Les Secrets de Minos, because I also want to write a detailed post about my new Jaguar Quetzal scarf in two week’s time. Well, I will try.

Best wishes,


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