Update 06/02/18 Thinking about grey hair

Lovely Husband said to me the other day that I am not as obsessed about my developing grey hair as he had expected. Well, I often tend to get rather “overly concerned” about various issues, but perhaps I have not voiced this one to him as much as I might have done. Mind you, just because I am not talking to him about it every day, it doesn’t mean that I’m not obsessing about my greying hair on my own head in my own head!

I now have nearly three inches of growth and about two inches left of the dyed parts. It does look a bit strange as you can see grey hair kind of peeping out all over my head. As I missed my last hairdresser’s appointment two weeks ago, my hairstyle is getting very out of shape. But, as I hardly ever go out, I suppose it doesn’t really matter. So, perhaps I will make a new appointment soon or maybe wait a few more weeks and have all the dyed parts cut out in one go? I cannot quite decide what to do. I think it depends how short I can bear to have my hair. My problem is always that I am far too impatient!

Every time I go into the bathroom, which has the best mirror in the strongest light, I hold up a lock of hair and try to work out how long I have left before I am all grey. I also try to imagine what the all over colour will be like. It is hard to tell because I am almost certain that the back might hold onto my original mousy brown for longer. I cannot seem to get a really clear photo to show you how grey the new growth is, so this one will have to do…

Grey hair coming in

Grey hair coming in

Anyway, I found an interesting blog post about grey hair and a particular range of products on That’s Not My Age, called Grey hair, oh yeah! The products are designed specifically for grey hair and are from a company named White Hot Hair. I may give them a try when my grey is all grown out. By the way, do take the time to explore the rest of the That’s Not My Age blog as there are so many great ideas on there.

Rapunzel solid shampoo bar by Feel Great Soap

Rapunzel solid shampoo bar by Feel Great Soap

At the moment, I am trying out a solid shampoo bar called Rapunzel from a company in Peterborough called Feel Great Soap. It is meant for thinning hair and, so far, has been really great. I only wash my hair about twice per week as I find it so hard to do with my illness. This solid shampoo leaves my hair feeling very soft and clean with a definitely thicker texture. I don’t use a conditioner with it and my hair combs out easily after washing. Other people with longer hair may have a different experience, of course. I have been using the shampoo for about five weeks so far, so I will let you know how it goes in the longer term.

Anyway, that’s enough of my grey hair “obsession” for now! Reading Roundup post tomorrow, all being well.

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